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This page is about Harmonic Conjugates. For other uses, see Harmonic.


Let $AB$ and $PQ$ be line segments on a straight line such that $\tuple {AB, PQ}$ is a harmonic range.

Let $O$ be a point which is not on the straight line $AB$.

Let $\map O {AB, PQ}$ be the harmonic pencil formed from $O$ and $\tuple {AB, PQ}$.


The rays $OP$ and $OQ$ are said to be harmonic conjugates with respect to $OA$ and $OB$.

Also known as

Two pairs of:

points $\set {A, B}$ and $\set {P, Q}$
rays $\set {OA, OB}$ and $\set {OP, OQ}$

which are harmonic conjugates are also known as a conjugate pair.

Harmonic conjugates can also be said to be apolar.

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