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Examples of Generators of Cyclic Groups

Subgroup of $\struct {\R_{\ne 0}, \times}$ Generated by $2$

Consider the multiplicative group of real numbers $\struct {\R_{\ne 0}, \times}$.

Consider the subgroup $\gen 2$ of $\struct {\R_{\ne 0}, \times}$ generated by $2$.


$\dfrac 1 2$ is also a generator of $\gen 2$


$4$ is not a generator of $\gen 2$.

Generators of $C_8$

Let $C_8$ be generated by $x$:

$C_8 = \gen x$

The set of generators of the cyclic group $C_8$ is:

$\set {x, x^3, x^5, x^7}$