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Ukrainian mathematician who worked mainly in functional analysis.

Known for works in operator theory (in close connection with concrete problems coming from mathematical physics), the problem of moments, classical analysis and representation theory.

Suffered persecution and discrimination for being Jewish.

Wolf Prize

Mark Grigorievich Krein was awarded a Wolf Prize for Mathematics in $\text {1982}$:

For his fundamental contributions to functional analysis and its applications.




  • Born: 3 April 1907 in Kyiv, Russian Empire (now Ukraine)
  • Died: 17 October 1989 in Odessa, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union (now Ukraine)

Theorems and Definitions

Results named for Mark Grigorievich Krein can be found here.

Definitions of concepts named for Mark Grigorievich Krein can be found here.


Also known as

In Ukrainian: Марко́ Григо́рович Крейн

In Russian: Марк Григо́рьевич Крейн