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Mathematician and scientist of Austrian nationality who worked in the fields of statistics, probability theory and various branches of applied mathematics and physics.

Also an authority on the poet Rainer Maria Rilke.




  • Born: 19 April 1883, Lemberg, Austria (now L'viv, Ukraine)
  • Died: 14 July 1953, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Theorems and Definitions

Books and Papers

  • 1917: Kritischer Außendruck zylindrischer Rohre (translated 1933 as The critical external pressure of cylindrical tubes under uniform radial and axial load)
  • 1925: Die Differential- und Integralgleichungen der Mechanik und Physik, 1925 (with Philipp Frank, Heinrich Weber and Bernhard Riemann) (2nd Edition: 1943)
  • 1931: Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung und ihre Anwendungen in der Statistik und theoretischen Physik
  • 1945: Theory of Flight (with W. Prager and G. Kuerti)
  • 1947: Rilke in English: A tentative bibliography
  • 1948: Notes on mathematical theory of compressible fluid flow
  • 1949: On Bergman's integration method in two-dimensional compressible fluid flow
  • 1951: On the thickness of a steady shock wave
  • 1951: Positivism: A Study in Human Understanding
  • 1964: Mathematical Theory of Probability and Statistics
  • 1964: Probability and Statistics, General
  • 1971: Fluid Dynamics (with Kurt Otto Friedrichs)

Notable is:

  • 1954: Presented to Richard von Mises by Friends, Colleagues and Pupils: Studies in Mathematics and Mechanics