Complex Multiplication is Closed/Proof 2

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The set of complex numbers $\C$ is closed under multiplication:

$\forall z, w \in \C: z \times w \in \C$


From the formal definition of complex numbers, we define the following:

$z = \tuple {x_1, y_1}$
$w = \tuple {x_2, y_2}$

Then from the definition of complex multiplication:

$z w = \tuple {x_1 x_2 - y_1 y_2, x_1 y_2 + x_2 y_1}$

From Real Numbers form Field:

$x_1 x_2 - y_1 y_2 \in \R$


$x_1 y_2 + x_2 y_1 \in \R$

Hence the result.