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A force is an influence which causes a body to undergo a change in velocity.

Force is a vector quantity.


The usual symbol used to denote the force on a body is $f$.


The dimension of measurement of force is $\mathsf {M L T}^{-2}$.

This arises from Newton's Second Law of Motion and its definition as a mass (of dimension $\mathsf M$) multiplied by an acceleration (of dimension $\mathsf {L T}^{-2}$).


The SI unit of measurement of force is the newton.

The CGS unit of measurement of force is the dyne.

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Some writers and thinkers subdivide the idea of a force into a push or a pull, but such a dichotomy can serve to confuse the fact that they are in fact both forces.

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Linguistic Note

The word force is derived from the Latin word fors meaning strength.