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Italian mathematician, engineer, priest and philosopher, best known for his study of the rhodonea (rose) curve.

Contributed to Note on the Treatise of Galileo Concerning Natural Motion in the first Florentine edition of Galileo Galilei's works.

Helped introduce Gottfried Leibniz's ideas on calculus to Italy.

Also known for Grandi's series.




  • Born: 1 Oct 1671, Cremona, Italy
  • Died: 4 July 1742, Pisa, Italy

Theorems and Definitions

Definitions of concepts named for Luigi Guido Grandi can be found here.


  • 1710: De Infinitis infinitorum et Infinite Parvorum Ordinibus
  • 1728: Flores Geometrici ex Rhodonearum, et Cloeliarum Curvarum Descriptione Resultantes
  • 1740: Elementi Geometrici Piani e Solidi di Euclide (Euclid's Elements of Plane and Solid Geometry)

Also known as

Usually known as Guido Grandi.