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Norwegian mathematician famous for his study of continuous transformation groups.

Such objects are now called Lie groups.




  • Born: 17 Dec 1842, Nordfjordeide, Norway
  • 1873: Began research into the theory of what are now known as Lie groups
  • Died: 18 Feb 1899, Kristiania (now Oslo), Norway

Theorems and Definitions

Results named for Marius Sophus Lie can be found here.

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Axioms named for Marius Sophus Lie can be found here.


  • 1869: Repräsentation der Imaginären der Plangeometrie
  • 1872: On a class of geometric transformations (doctoral dissertation)
  • 1891: Vorlesungen über differentialgleichungen mit bekannten infinitesimalen transformationen (Lectures on differential equations with known infinitesimal transformations) (with Georg Scheffers)
  • 1893: Vorlesungen über continuerliche Gruppen (Lectures on continuous groups) (with Georg Scheffers)
  • 1896: Geometrie der Berührungstransformationen (Geometry of contact transformations) (with Georg Scheffers)

Notable Quotes

The Theory of Differential Equations is the most important branch of modern mathematics.
-- Quoted in the preface to An Elementary Treatise on Differential Equations and their Applications by H.T.H. Piaggio ($1920$).

Also known as

Usually known as Sophus Lie.

His surname is pronounced Lee.