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The litre is an SI unit of volume.

Conversion Factors

\(\ds \) \(\) \(\ds 1\) litre
\(\ds \) \(=\) \(\ds 1000\) millilitres
\(\ds \) \(=\) \(\ds 1000\) cubic centimetres
\(\ds \) \(=\) \(\ds 10^{-3}\) cubic metres
\(\ds \) \(\approx\) \(\ds 1 \cdotp 76\) pints


$\mathrm l$

The symbol for the litre is $\mathrm l$.

Its $\LaTeX$ code is \mathrm l .

Linguistic Note

The spelling litre is the one adopted by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures.

Liter is the variant used in standard American English.

While $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$ attempts in general to standardise on American English, the name of this unit is one place where a deliberate decision has been made to use the international spelling, in order to provide consistency with the British spelling of metre.