Fundamental Theorem of Algebra/Historical Note

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Historical Note on Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

A proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra was published in $1746$ by Jean le Rond d'Alembert. It was for some time called D'Alembert's Theorem.

However, it was later discovered that D'Alembert's proof was incorrect.

The first correct proof was published by Carl Friedrich Gauss in his doctoral dissertation in $\text {1799}$:

Demonstratio nova theorematis omnem functionem algebraicam rationalem integram unius variabilis in factores reales primi vel secundi gradus resolvi posse (A new proof of the theorem that every integral rational algebraic function of one variable can be resolved into real factors of the first or second degree).

During the course of his career, he gave a total of four proofs of this theorem.

The first full and rigorous proof in the field of complex numbers was published in $1814$ by Jean-Robert Argand.