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British philosopher, mathematician and logician.

Best known for his co-authorship with Alfred North Whitehead of Principia Mathematica, published from $1910$.




  • Born: 18 May 1872, Ravenscroft, Trelleck, Monmouthshire, Wales
  • 1890–4: Undergraduate at Trinity College, Cambridge
  • 1894: Married Alys Pearsall Smith
  • 1895: Elected Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge
  • 1900: Attended International Congress of Philosophy, Paris
  • 1908: Elected Fellow of the Royal Society
  • 1908: Appointed Lecturer in the principles of mathematics, Trinity College, Cambridge
  • 1913: Met Wittgenstein
  • 1914: Visiting Professor, Harvard University
  • 1916: Fined £100 and deprived of his lectureship at Trinity College, Cambridge for writing a leaflet in defence of an imprisoned conscientious objector
  • 1918: Imprisoned for anti-war article
  • 1920: Visited Russia
  • 1920–1: Visited China
  • 1921: Marriage to Alys Russell dissolved
  • 1921: Married Dora Black
  • 1927: Founded Beacon Hill progressive school with Dora Russell
  • 1935: Marriage to Dora Russell dissolved
  • 1936: Married Patricia Spence
  • 1938–44: Lived in U.S.A.
  • 1944: Appointed Lecturer at Trinity College, Cambridge
  • 1950: Awarded Order of Merit
  • 1950: Awarded Nobel Prize for Literature
  • 1952: Marriage to Patricia Spence dissolved
  • 1952: Married Edith Finch
  • 1956: Moved to North Wales
  • 1957: Attended Pugwash Conference in Austria
  • 1957: Helped to launch Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
  • 1960: Supported civil disobedience and resigned from C.N.D.
  • 1961: Imprisoned briefly for taking part in demonstration organized by Committee of 100
  • 1963: Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation and Atlantic Peace Foundation set up
  • 1965: Resigned from Labour Party in protest against Government's Foreign Policy.
  • 1966: First meeting of International War Crimes Tribunal
  • Died: 2 Feb 1970, Penrhyndeudraeth, Merioneth, Wales


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Notable Quotes

The rules of logic are to mathematics what those of structure are to architecture.
Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty -- a beauty cold and austere, like that of sculpture.
Pure mathematics consists entirely of assertions to the effect that if such and such a proposition is true of anything, then such and such another proposition is true of that thing. It is essential not to discuss whether the first proposition is really true, and not to mention what the anything is of which it is supposed to be true ... Thus mathematics may be defined as the subject in which we never know what we are talking about, nor whether what we are saying is true.
-- Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays (1917)

To create a healthy philosophy, you should renounce metaphysics but be a good mathematician.
in a lecture (1935)
-- Quoted in 1937: Eric Temple Bell: Men of Mathematics: They Say: What Say They? : Let Them Say

There was a footpath leading across fields to New Southgate, and I used to go there alone and watch the sunset and contemplate suicide. I did not, however, commit suicide, because I wished to know more of mathematics.
from his autobiography
-- Quoted in 1990: William Dunham: Journey Through Genius: Preface

Also known as

Also known as:

the 3rd Earl Russell
Lord Bertrand Arthur William Russell.